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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Ball Player Gets More Press!!

The Ball Player gets more press!

Roth gets second in newspaper contest

Memory Roth sure loves entering painting contests. A few years back, she won an honourable mention from the Torrit Grey Competition sponsored by the Gamblin Artists Colors company of Oregon.
A little while ago, she was reading the Edmonton Journal and saw that they were looking for Father’s Day artwork. Leave it to Roth to send something in for that one, and get to second place for it.
“I just did it on a whim,” she admitted. “I painted a painting of my dad and I thought it might be nice if it got any press at all to honour him that way.”
The Ball Player, Roth’s entry, shows her dad in a baseball uniform sitting atop a large boulder in the middle of a field. She said that she always tries to give him creative presents for that special day. Roth’s dad was pleased with the result, she explained.
“He is going to be 80 this year and has just recently retired his glove. My dad encouraged all of us to do our best and to be our best, whether it was on the field or off. He is the most amazing father, the most amazing man, someone who I am so proud of, someone who I admire and love with all my heart,” she later added in an email response.

Thanks Scott Hayes of the St. Albert Gazette!!!

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