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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back at the Easel

John Barclay, my uncle and a very successful and talented American photographer, told me once that in order for a blog to be successful you had to post on it regularly.  He takes amazing photos and following his own good advice, he posts regularly and has a huge following.  

Unfortunately, for us painters we can’t crank out a new painting as quickly as photographers can take photos, at least I can’t.  It takes weeks to months to finish a painting to my satisfaction, and then I might post it. But I believe my uncle is right, you do have to post regularly to create a following that will continue to follow.

I had hoped I would have been able to make a few posting since July, but my life and my painting have been put on hold.  My wonderful husband and best friend became ill early this year and passed away in August.  His passing has been very hard on me and my children, but we are moving forward just as he would have wanted us too.  We are keeping strong with the help of our faith and our wonderful support network of family and friends.

My husband was my biggest fan, support and cheerleader and I know it would have upset him to know I haven’t painted very much for many months.  But that is how life has been, and while he was ill my priority was to be with him and to help him the best I could.  Life is starting to return to what ever normal is going to be and I have picked up my paint brush and have started to paint again and will continue on my journey as an artist. 

I want to thank all of you who have continued to visit my blog, even though there was nothing new posted.  I will be posting my latest painting this coming week, and I hope to try to get back into regularly posting paintings in the New Year.  I have lots of work to do including a painting using a photo that John Barclay took and has so graciously allowed me to paint..........this one is going to be special!

Please feel free to leave a message when ever you feel inclined.  Each message will go to my email and then once I have read it, it will be posted.  Thank you for your continued interest and support.

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Laureen King said...

Glad to hear from you again Memory, I think of you often and am excited to see your upcoming works of art.