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Sunday, June 24, 2012

NOA Magazine

If you have ever checked out the art scene in and around Edmonton you probably have heard of, or picked up the NOA magazine.  Editor and artist, Phil Alain has just published it's 8th annual issue.

The first time I came across the magazine was last year as I took in the Whyte Avenue Artwalk.  Phil and a few other artists from Night Of Artists were displaying their art work and were giving out the magazine. It was beautiful, professionally done with lots of interesting articles and of course it was great to see some wonderful art and read a little bit about the artists who were in the magazine.

In this latest 80 page issue I was fortunate enough to be able to get my own art and info into the magazine. So if you are out and about checking out the Whyte Avenue artwalk, Edmonton Galleries, Taste of Edmonton, Mural Mosic showcases, or if you take in one of the Night Of Artist events, be sure to pick up your free copy.

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