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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have the best Dad and ever since I was a little girl I always tried to give my Dad a great Father's Day Gift, when I was young it may have been made of clay, sometimes it was bought from the store, lately it's been a subscription to "Popular Mechanics", this year I decided to try to give him something just a little bit different.

The Edmonton Journal ran a Pop Art Father's Day Contest and asked for entries of art you made of your dad.  It didn't matter what it was as long as it was creative.  I had painted a painting of my dad this past year called "The Ball Player" and figured I would enter it, you never know, maybe it would make the paper and I could honour my dad this way.

I am so please to say it did make the paper, it actually won second place and even my little blurb about him is in the article.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!  I hope you like your gift :)

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