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Monday, September 7, 2015

Procrastination VS Me

I'm good with deadlines, really I am. Give me a deadline and I will work and work until it's done; take away that deadline.................well, sometimes procrastination wants to take over my life.

Why is it that you can find a hundred other things to do, other than what you are supposed to do? That's what it has been like for the last few days.  My deadline for the my solo show "Flower Power" has been moved back, so what do I do?  I read a book or two, watch a few movies, clean the house a bit (that's a bonus) and think about my art. Then guilt starts to creep in and I feel I am wasting my time, I have more time, this is great, but I am wasting it.  So what do I do, I finish my book, call a few friends, play some scrabble and start feeling a bit more guilty.

Finally, I decided last night that in the morning I would go down to the studio and actually start painting.  So after putting a couple hours in I can see more progress with my sunflowers.  The background still isn't where I want it, but it's coming along.  I'm working on the stems and leaves; lots more work to do there.

It's all about layering, adding and fine tuning (and a few redos), but I feel confident that I will be done this painting soon, mind you I do have another book that is calling my name (seriously, it's actually calling my name, it's call "The Memory Painter".....catchy title!) and I really should go out and do some yard work and I was also thinking about painting some walls in my house and....................

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