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Friday, February 20, 2015

Harvest Memories

Painting commissions is very rewarding, and painting memories for people brings me immense joy.

I'm a city girl, but I did spend my first 5 years on a ranch in BC, Canada.  Surprisingly, even though I was so young I have many memories of those years and many more of the years we visited the area after we moved away.

There is something about ranching and farming that gets into your blood.  It's a completely different life than living in the city.  I remember so much about the land, the flowers and trees, the birds, the animals on the farm and I especially remember our neighbours.  I remember the smell of the ranch and how good it smelled, even the barn smells were good; which might sound silly if you have never lived on a farm.

When I talked to my client about the painting he wanted me to paint, I could tell this was something truly meaningful to him.  I sent progress photos to him on a regular basis and he told me that it was emotional to see the painting as it progressed.  When he finally came to see it in person I had a chance to sit down and talk to him about it.  He told me some of his memories of growing up on the farm, of the yearly harvest, of sitting with his mom in the truck while waiting for his dad to finish the harvest for the day.  He told me how special that time was for him and as the painting took him back to those days so long ago, I could see a light in his eyes while he told his stories.  They were good stories, stories of a simpler time, a time of growing up and the love of his parents and siblings.  It gave me immense joy to see the happiness on his face as he reminisced; it gives me immense joy to know that when he looks at this painting that will hang in his home, he will again be brought back to those happy memories.

Harvest Memories
24" x 36" - Framed
SOLD - Commission work
Reproductions available

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