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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Close - Study 1

Fall is my favorite time of year and lately it sure feels like it is getting close.

I decided to take the summer off from my painting and I am really glad I did.  June started off on a very sad note with the passing of two family members.  My aunt Joanie, a wonderful person with a heart of gold passed away June 6, then just 3 days later the woman who raised me, my adopted mother, passed away.  It was sad to say good bye, but knowing both of them were no longer suffering gave me a great deal of peace.

July found me immersed in the preparations of my daughter's journey to the Miss Canada Pageant in Toronto.  In August we flew out for a 10 day stay and had an amazing time.  She brought home two crowns and two sashes, one for Miss Central Alberta and the other for Miss Congeniality.  She made me a very proud mom.  After the pageant we took a quick trip to New York City for 4 days and then back home.

It feels good to be back home and to get back into a routine.  I've spent the last couple days getting some painting done and I'm excited to spend time in my studio.

While in Toronto I spent a day at their wonderful zoo.  I must have taken over 500 photos and have many that I would like to turn into paintings.  The most exciting part of my visit was seeing the polar bears.  One in particular was quite eager to entertain and I was able to see him up close. At the hotel I decided to start a quick small study in acrylic, based on one of my photos of this amazing animal.  After leaving Toronto I still needed to spend a couple more hours on it and did so at home. I am now debating on whether this small study will turn into a large oil painting.

Getting Close - Study 1
8" x 10"

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