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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Rose

The very first painting I did was of a rose.  It was part of the learning process for the class I took when I started to learn how to paint.  Every since then I have wanted to paint another rose and have been keeping my eye out for one.  In 2009, while visiting a gallery I came across a beautiful, very large painting of a cream colour rose.  When I saw this particular painting I knew I would have to paint my rose on a large canvas.

This summer I took a lot of photos of roses and other flowers, but I still couldn't find the rose I wanted to paint.  I had given up and had decided to paint another flower.  I was starting to get things ready to draw the flower out when I decided to go down to the St. Albert Botanical Gardens one more time.  As I walked around and took numerous photos of flowers I saw a beautiful yellow rose off in the distance in one of the flower beds.  When I walked over to get a better look, I looked to the right of the yellow rose and there it was!  It was perfect!  Pink with a hint of yellow; dew drops hidden in it's petals and the morning sun casting wonderful shadows; I knew this was it, this was the rose.

The Rose
Original Oil
36" x 36"

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Karen Blanchet said...

Lovely Memory! You could start entering competitions in magazines.... Perhaps the International Artists.