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Sunday, April 14, 2013

At the End of the Day, Love Remains

In 2011 I came across a beautiful photograph that photographer John Barclay took.  It was of an elderly couple walking down a walk way in Tuscany, Italy.  John had been in Italy in May of 2011 and had taken the photo with his iphone.

I had discussed with John a while back about painting one of his photos; there were so many that I absolutely loved, but when I saw this one there was no doubt in my mind that this was going to be the one.  There was something about this particular photo that touched me deeply and I asked him permission to paint it.

Like most artists I like to initiate my artistic license and change things when using photos as reference.  I didn't feel I had to change too much, I took out a few things and changed the light a little bit and played around with the values, but mostly it is what John captured.  The main thing I changed is that instead of colour I painted it in black and white.

I was thrilled when John told me he thought I did an amazing job bringing it to life.  Well, as much as I would like to take credit for that, it was his photo that spoke to me, I'm just glad to share in capturing the moment and hopefully the emotion that he captured on that beautiful street in Italy.

 (Thank you Michael Bement, who came up with the title of John's photograph, which I am also using).

Check out John's website:

Original Oil
20" x 28"
For Sale
Original Photo reference - John Barclay

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