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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swathing A Path

Swathing a Path revisited - January 21, 2013
I have been looking at this painting for sometime; I wasn't ready to show it because something didn't feel right.  Today, I took some time and made a few adjustments. The above painting is where the adjustments have been made.  Can you see the difference?

I started this painting back in 2008 and put it aside until just recently.  It's taken me a long time to get this one done.  When I was first drawn to the photos my niece Kim took of her husband and daughter, I thought it would be a quick, fun painting to do.  For some reason though, I had a brain cramp when it came to painting the rows of wheat while I was working on the monochromatic.  Again, putting this aside like I did my previous painting of Amethyst Lake in the Tonquin Valley, has allowed me to learn enough in the past few years to be able to take on this challenge.  I find it ironic though, as hard as it was for me to get passed the stumbling block of the rows of wheat in 2008, grasses and things like that are one of my favourite things to paint.

Original Oil
28" x 22"
For Sale
Original Photo References - Kimberly Collis, Vulcan, AB


Marilynn said...

I love your painting Memory. Reminds me of when I grew up on a farm.

Karen Blanchet said...

You're good girl!