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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunset Wake

When I was taking painting lessons I remember my instructor telling the students that every artist should paint at least one sunset. I liked that idea, and when I came across the reference photo for this painting I knew I had found the painting I needed to paint.

My cousin Paul is really good with a camera and has taken some wonderful shots.  When I started actively looking for photos to paint I came across some of his on Facebook.  The one I used for reference for this painting was one of my favourites.  The colours were gorgeous; it was like looking at liquid fire, with only the breaking of the wake to cool the ocean.  The photo was taken in the Queen Charlotte Sound area in BC. The fact it was taken from the stern of a boat with the wake breaking the water was something that really appealed to me.  It was so great of Paul to let me paint this and I’m pretty sure I will be coming across a few more that will capture my interest, after all, Paul lives in one of the most beautiful areas of Canada and has the perfect opportunity to take some great photos.

Paul is a great guy, easy going, lots of fun and very kind.  Besides taking great photos, Paul loves to fish.........perhaps that’s an understatement.  He moved out to Vancouver Island a few years ago and has his own sailboat “El Sueno” and his best friend Tubby to keep him company out on the ocean.  He charters salmon and halibut fishing trips for the locals and tourists, and when he’s not out on the ocean he’s working at various marinas repairing docks and boats.

Besides looking forward to seeing more of Paul's wonderful photos, I am looking forward to a ride in his sail boat; maybe even a little fishing.

Every artist should paint a sunset.  This one's mine….thanks Paul.

Original Oil
30” x 36” Gallery Wrapped

Reference Photo by Paul Pudwell, Sooke, BC

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