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Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to Las Vegas!

One of my favorite places to spend a few stress free days with my husband is Las Vegas.  Although, we have many other places in the world we would like to travel to, Las Vegas seems to be our choice desintation lately.  I don't know what it is about it, perhaps because there is always something to do and always lots to see.  Whether you hang around the strip, check out downtown, tour around the area or spend a day shopping; you are never bored. 

One of the most famous iconic attractions in Las Vegas is it's Welcome sign.  When my husband and I took our son Braden to Vegas for his 21st birthday we spend some time photographing the sign. We even had an Elvis impersonater take a picture of the three of us under the sign; I'm pretty sure he was there to get a picture taken of him with the tourists, not to take pictures for the tourists, but oh well.  He was a good sport.

Orginal Oil in Black and White
20" x 30"
Gallery Wrapped
For Sale
Winner of the Intermediate Category - ACACA Northern Alberta Zone - Hinton -2011
Winner of the Jean Stephenson Award - ACACA Alberta Wide Show - Red Deer - 2011

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