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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sherri and Mike

I met Sherri a couple of years ago when she was co-owner of La Dolce Vita Day Spa.  She is a wonderful warm person and I liked her immediately.  About a year after I met her she told me that her boyfriend Mike and her were planning on getting married.  What she thought would be a quick and quiet affair turned out to be a full blown, day of your dreams wedding. 

When I went to see her after the wedding she showed me her wedding pictures that local photographer, Jody Brost had taken for the couple.  They were beautiful pictures!   Sherri made a gorgeous bride and Mike a handsome groom.  I had been hoping to paint a wedding portrait at some point in time and when I saw the photo of Sherri and Mike kissing in front of a red Chevy Corvette, I knew this was the photo I wanted to paint.  Sherri was excited and Jody graciously gave me her permission.  This is the first wedding portrait I have painted and I loved every minute I spent in my studio working on it. 

Although Sherri thoroughly enjoyed being co-owner of La Dolce Vita, through circumstance and fate she met Holly Hayes and it was their destiny to become partners in a new spa called “Heaven Essence Day Spa”. This spa soon became a reality and it opened its doors for the first time in December of 2010. 

I hope you will get a chance to stop by and meet these lovely ladies and their wonderful staff.  After you look around and see their beautiful space make sure to book a pedicure or a facial!  Don’t forget to ask Sherri about the story of "Heaven Essence" and how this spa came to be; it’s a beautiful story and it will bring a tear to your eye.

Heaven Essence Day Spa is located at #123 – 15 Circle Drive, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.  Phone:  780-460-0555

Original Oil on stretched canvas 24" x 36"

Original photo reference by Jody Brost of Westlock, Alberta

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