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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Jackson and Terri

Some of the most precious gifts you can receive in life are good friends, friends who believe in you, friends who help you on your journey, friends who build you up and watch you soar.
Sometime around 2008, I met such a friend, her name is Sherri DeTonnancour.  Sherri co owned a small spa in St. Albert and I found her through another friend. She gave me wonderful pedicures and was always easy and fun to talk to. 
During a visit to the spa I noticed they had a number of client business cards on display.  She mentioned that if I had a business card I could put mine out also.  It just so happened that I had made up a few on my computer with a picture of my very first painting "Ice Time".  When I showed her the card she seemed really surprised that it was my first painting and said some really nice things to me.  I think I really needed to hear the words she said, as this was a new venture for me.  I was reluctant to call myself an artist and I had no idea if I was very good.  From that moment she has continued to cheer me on and support my art.
In late 2010, Sherri and her good friend Holly Hayes decided to open up a new high end spa in St. Albert, "Heaven Essence Day Spa". They decided to have their grand opening in March 2011.  Sherri asked me if I would like to have a solo art show in their mezzanine room during the grand opening.  I had no idea how to put a show on, but I thought it sounded like something I could manage, so with the help of my husband and kids we made a go of it. 
I hung almost ever painting I had painted up until that time, with the help from John at Delta Drafting for lending me grids and easels, and a great write up in the Gazette by Scott Hayes, invites to friends and family and all my garage sale sandwich board signs converted to Art show signs, over 200 people, both my contacts and Sherri and Holly's came through the spa and saw the show.
Since then, Sherri and Holly have hung my art in their spa, and continue to cheer me on. For their 6th anniversary they asked me if I wanted to have another solo show, this time I hung my Flower Power Series on the main floor of the spa and keep it up for a few months.
The support I have received from both these two ladies is unmeasurable, and so appreciated.

In appreciation for all they have done for me I have painted each of them a painting as a gift. Sherri's painting is of her dog Jackson. I painted him as a puppy from a reference photo Sherri gave me.  He's getting on in years now, but continues to be a cherished family member with his easy disposition.  Sherri has commented that he seems so much younger than his years and they are so lucky he is still with them.  I hope this painting will always remind Sherri and her family of what a wonderful dog he is and how adorable he was as a puppy and still is.
For Holly I have painted a painting of her late mother, Terri Paxton. Terri was one of Sherri's clients and had become a good friend and it was through her that she met Holly. Sadly, Terri passed away, but when Sherri and Holly decided to open the spa they felt it was important to include Terri. Knowing that she was watching from above, they named the spa "Heaven Essence". Not only have they built a wonderful business, but also an enduring friendship.
I am so grateful to these two amazing women for their friendship and support, and I thank God for putting them both in my life.
  "Jackson", 20" x 16", oil on canvas - Photo Reference - Sherri DeTonnancour, Morinville, AB
"Terri, 11" x 14", oil on canvas - Photo Reference - Lorraine Berube, St. Albert, AB

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