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Friday, February 14, 2014

Simple Moments

Sometimes it seems like it takes me forever to finish a painting, and then, it takes me forever to finish it again!!  Simple Moments has been one of those paintings.

On my daughters third birthday my niece Kim and I took a number of photos of her doing all sorts of cute things a three year old would do.  Blowing on a dandelion puff was one of those things.  Both Kim and I took a photo at the exact same time.  The first photo I used for reference was an almost three quarter turn; I painted that one when I was just learning how to paint.  It's titled "A Summer's Wish" (see below).  Kim and I could never figure out whose photo reference was whose.  I had Kim sign a contract for the first, so I am assuming this photo reference is mine.......I'm sure Kim will agree ;)  Another painting I did from that photo-opt day was "Wanna Play" (see below).

Last year at the art show "Straight From the Art" with the Night of Artists group, I showed what I thought was the finished painting.  When I got it home and hung it in my studio I realized it was far from finished and processed to work on it again.  I readjusted the background, which seemed flat and added more highlights, worked on the eyes and hair a bit more.  When I thought I was finished I again hung it back up.  After a couple weeks I realized the shadows on the dress and face were not dark I worked on it again.  I feel confident now to say it is least it better be because I just had a professional scan made of it, and once that's done, I am reluctant to change a thing.
                                                                 A Summer's Wish - 2007                    
                                                                  Wanna Play? - 2011

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