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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Trestle and The Night of Artists!

I admit whole heartily that I am a procrastinator of the  most advanced and practiced type.  One of my goals  is to overcome this personality trait to some degree; but not completely, because, although I find myself waiting to complete things when the pressure is on, I also don't stress about getting things done until I actually have to do them, and so far I have been fortunate enough to meet deadlines and have enjoyed the adrenaline rush.  This makes life easier and harder at the same time.  I also admit that my motivation has been lacking these past few months, with good reason, but still lacking.  It started to come back when I painted "The Turtle", but this is not enough to get my art career back on track, so I decided I need focus and I need pressure.

I got an email from a fellow artist a few weeks ago telling me that artist Phil Alain, well known for "Mural Mosaic" and "The Night of Artists" an art group he started 16 years ago, was going to have a meeting and lay out his plan for the year.  He was looking for some more artists to add to his group.  My friend had mentioned a couple years ago that he thought I should think about joining the group when there was an opening, and so the idea was already hovering around my brain.

Phil explained his plans for the year, shows he was thinking about doing, background of his group and what advantages you get as a fellow NOA artist.  It all sounded great, shows to participate in, inclusion on the website and a full page in his magazine "NOA", and the best part, especially for someone who needs pressure to get things done quickly, was a show that would take place March 14th to the 17th........6 weeks from the meeting!!  Could I do it?  Could I paint some new pieces for this show?  Would I be able to get enough done?  Would I even be accepted into the art group?  I saw some of the artist's work that were already part of the art group and the standards were set high.

I told Phil I was going to go home and think about it over night, even though I knew this was something I wanted.  It's good to let things rest before you make a decision.  Rest was not on the menu and I couldn't get the excitement to simmer this must be a sign....right?.....  I emailed Phil the next day, sent him some of my artwork to look at, and presto, he said I was in!  Wow!!  This is great!!  A show coming up.....a BIG show coming in less than a month!!

"Straight From the Art" which will be held at the Enjoy Centre.  "Holes", as it used to be called, was a landmark in St. Albert, Alberta for many years.  The Hole family moved their garden centre to a new facility a couple years ago and and now the new building, The Enjoy Centre is the new landmark and it is something to behold.  Not only do they sell plants, but there is a grocery store, bistro, spa, shops, etc, etc.  They have this huge and amazing facility that is rented out for weddings, meetings, banquets and a number of other things, and the Hole brothers along with the Lois Hole Hospital will be part of this amazing weekend featuring a Lois Hole Gala, a silent art auction, live music, a fashion show, wine tasting, choirs, a Night of Artists Art Party, a Pecha Kucha Night, a family day programmed by the International Children's Festival, a live art creation by Lewis Lavoie!!! and of course......the NOA artists showing and selling their art (me too!).  This sounds amazing!!! Some of the events will require a ticket, others are free or a donation to the Lois Hole Hospital.

What has been quite exciting for me so far and has started the adrenaline pumping is creating the painting for the Silent Art Auction.  Each artist gets to participate.  50% of the sale will go to the Lois Hole Hospital and 50% to the artist.  The painting "The Trestle" is my contribution.

So save the dates, mark your calendar, I will give detailed information soon and check out the Night of Artists website!!201213_shows/cihc

16" x 20" Original Oil
Black and White
Available March 14, 2013 - at The Enjoy Centre - St. Albert, Alberta
Night of Artists - "Straight From the Art" - Silent Art Auction

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