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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mural Mosaic - Cultivate Life - St.Albert Mural Mosaic - St.Albert Cardinals - The Catcher

St. Albert Cardinals - The Catcher

The Making of Panel #120

Cultivating life in St. Albert can mean many things to many people. To me it’s about the life my family has enjoyed in this wonderful city. When I became one of the artists who are participating on the Mural Mosaic – Cultivating Life – St. Albert, I had so many things I could have painted, but what stood out in my mind were the years that my son Braden spent playing baseball with SAMBA (St. Albert Minor Baseball Association).

There’s something about baseball that speaks to me and my family. Maybe because it’s a game I played myself as a young person or maybe it’s because we lived in St. Louis and got to enjoy many of the Cardinal games in person, or maybe it’s because of my son Braden’s love for the game. What ever the reason, it was an important part of our life. When we lived in St. Louis, Braden started playing ball in grade 2. When we moved back to St. Albert he continued to play for many years. From the age of 11 to 16 he played on a St. Albert Cardinals AAA team.

As a family we spent many enjoyable hours down at the ball diamonds watching Braden and his teams. Many friendships were made and we have many memories to cherish.

Braden loved baseball and played many positions very well, but catcher was one of his favourites.
   Finished Panel - St. Albert Cardinals - The Catcher        Original Panel #120   

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