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Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Like It HOT!

My Step-Dad Jeff, has a wonderful eye for photography. When ever I visit my Mom and Jeff I like to look at his pictures and there is always one or two that totally grab my attention. The first one was "Boats at Portsoy"...what a photograph...I was very fortunate that he gave me permission to paint that photo. My second painting based on his photos, is of the hot red peppers he grows in his garden every year. Whenever I visit them I will usually find a bowl of red peppers on the counter. Jeff loves eating these tasty delights, and I am again very grateful that he has allowed me to paint this picture.

Hot Peppers
Original Oil - 20" x 30"
Original Reference Photo courtesy of Jeff Barclay, Ferndale, Washington
For Sale

Limited Edition Giclees also available


Butterfly said...

Very nice, Memory!

Anonymous said...

Excellant work...the colors are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love this one! Very expressive!

Anonymous said...

Memory, this is great and the horse is amazing you are very talented!!!! Kelly

Tasha A said...

wonderful use of colours. it's very rich and hot. You've got a good eye for composition and technique. I very much like this painting!