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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is a Limited Edition Giclee?

Have you ever wondered what a Limited Edition Giclee is?

Limited Editions Giclees are copies of fine art printed in a limited number. They can be limited to just one size of an original or can be printed in a variety of sizes. When purchasing a Limited Edition Giclee you should receive a Certificate of Authenticity. Besides guaranteeing that it is authentic and comes from the original artist, it should state on the certificate whether the Limited Edition Giclee is limited to the size of canvas you purchased or whether it is available in other sizes.

Each Limited Edition Giclee should be signed, dated and numbered by the artist (this is in addition to the original signature of the artist on the original painting). The first number represents the order in which it was printed and the second number represents the amount of Limited Editions Giclees printed in that canvas size, i.e. 7/200. Some Limited Edition giclees will also have the title written on it.

A Limited Edition Giclee is considered to be more valuable than "just a copy". Like the original oil painting, it can go up in value as the artist becomes more well known. Therefore, the original painting is the most valuable art form to purchase, but a Limited Edition Giclee is also good investment.

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A great entry Memory, very informative!